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Learn how you can sustain your health with our natural bluegreen algae supplements made from pure and organic whole superfoods.


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Blue Green Algae Feeds your Body and Mind.

Algae play a unique and pivotal role in life on earth. The foundation of the food chain, they are responsible for 70 percent of our earth’s oxygen. And from the smallest microalgae to giant seaweeds, algae are an absolute treasure trove of nutrients—rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, and the broadest spectrum of phytonutrients and nutritive pigments of any food on earth.

New Earth products contain an enormous spectrum of these ancient marvels, from nutrient-packed pure freshwater microalgae to a premium selection the most powerful ocean algae.

The Heart of the Algae.

Feed your mind the best food on earth. Wild Bluegreen Mind is a concentration of the nutrients in our Wild Bluegreen Algae, created by carefully removing the algae’s cell wall through our proprietary solvent-free process, producing an abundant source of raw materials for enhancing brain activity. The amino acids in Wild Bluegreen Mind provide the building blocks of the healthy nerve cells and neurotransmitters vital for optimal brain and nervous system function.*





Algae Supplement News provided by New Earth

As a company dedicated to helping you and those you share New Earth with live healthier, more rewarding lives, we take every possible precaution we can when selecting the ingredients we use for our products. Each individual batch of organic microalgae is tested and re-tested for quality, safety, and purity by multiple internal and external labs before it ever reaches you or your customers.

 We are 100% committed to quality and safety in every single thing we do.

In fact, by creating and maintaining a GMP-registered manufacturing facility that exceeds even the very highest standards in the nutritional supplements industry, New Earth has earned the certifications of Kosher, Halal, Paleo, and USDA-organic.

You may rest assured that we have maintained this brand of excellence for over 30 years

Read stories from people using Klamath Blue Green Algae Supplements:

"I started eating Wild Bluegreen™ Algae when I was a single mom with four kids. I found one evening that instead of falling asleep in the chair in the living room, I was down on the floor rolling around with my kids…right away I thought, 'this has got to be the algae because I've never had the energy to do this.' And it went further than that…I signed up to take a few classes and began to consider graduate school. I continued to eat a healthy amount of algae, and I was successful in completing school. The algae and that education have continued to enrich my life. It has been a valuable fuel mentally, physically and spiritually." —Elizabeth R., Oregon, Illinois

"I'm a physical therapist and was introduced to Wild Bluegreen Algae almost 20 years ago. I was working in a very stressful environment, experiencing mood swings and high blood pressure, and had to nap in my car to finish the day. When I began eating algae, my mood swings evened and I did not have to take that nap. And that's all it is, it's the most wonderful food in the world. I would not be without it." —Jackie J., Silverado, California


“My family and I have been using ESSENTIALS products for the past twenty-four years to stay healthy and strong. It’s our first line of defense!” — Jean S., Springfield, Vermont

"I've had a great experience with the New Earth products. I've noticed more energy and less of an appetite while still feeling nourished. My mind and body feel more relaxed, and it helps just knowing that I am feeding my body the nutrients it relies on to thrive and be healthy. These foods are incredible and  learning about the science behind these superfoods has ensured me that I do have access to the best foods on earth…" —James B., Ottawa, Illinois

"For the nutrition I count on to fuel living my dream life, I count on New Earth; namely, Energize, Renew, Essentials and Wild Bluegreen Body. Isn't that what real NUTRITION ought to do…fuel us in living as our best selves?" —Stuart M., Montrose, California

"I believe, because of incorporating the Essentials into my diet, I live a relatively good life, enjoying excellent health. The probiotics and enzymes keep my digestive system functioning optimally. The organic microalgae feeds me the micronutrients that are deficient in today's food, even if I eat organic. This program of whole food supplementation provides tremendous energy rapidly. Individuals always are amazed at my appearance, and say 'You don't look your age. What are you doing?'" —Nancy F., Loganville, Georgia

"I credit our wild-crafted, organic microalgae with playing a big part in my healthy aging, along with many other aspects of a healthy lifestyle (sleep, exercise, healthy diet, etc.) As I continue my microalgae consumption and add in tonic mushrooms, I am confident I'll continue to feel better and better and healthier and healthier. Thank you, New Earth, for these amazing products!" —Susan K.C., Alexandria, Virginia

"I sleep like a baby now that Elevate soothes, nourishes, and protects my brain." —Christine B., North Kingstown, Rhode Island

The statements or information on this website have not been evaluated by
the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Klamath Blue Green Algae Supplements is an Independent Associate with New Earth. 


Organic Wild Microalgae® is a powerful natural occurring superfood that is harvested in one place in the world, Upper Klamath Lake, in Southern Oregon. The lake is situated in a region defined by its history of volcanic activity—a legacy that has left an abundance of minerals that help the Wild Microalgae thrive in its unique environment.

The harvesting process is a fine art that protects the integrity and nutrient profile of this delicate microalgae. New Earth has been harvesting Wild Microalgae since 1983. Over the years, we have employed several different methods of harvesting, ultimately perfecting the process that we now employ using state of the art equipment.

This process begins with gathering the microalgae from the lake with three different harvesters. Throughout this process, the Quality Control (QC) department collects and analyzes samples of the lake biomass (the organisms within the sample area), and once favorable test results are completed, harvesting proceeds. The lake harvesters collect the Wild Microalgae and immediately clean and de-water it. The QC department performs pre and post-harvest analyses on samples of the Wild Microalgae to ensure that only high-quality microalgae is harvested.

Once the highest quality Wild Microalgae is harvested and de-watered it is pumped into a self-contained unit that chills it to around 34°F in about 30 seconds. This process takes place at the harvest site as it is important to chill the Wild Microalgae so that sensitive pigments, such as chlorophyll, and other important components do not begin to break down.

The Wild Microalgae is then pumped into tanks on our transport boats. These tanks are reusable, washable, food-grade tanks that are filled directly from the cooling unit. The transport boat rapidly delivers the chilled algae to a land-based port, where it is loaded onto a tanker truck.

These trucks are insulated stainless steel tankers that are staged at the port to transport chilled “liquid microalgae” to our production facility where it is processed through vibrating screens to remove any larger particles before being sent to the plate freezers.

It takes about two hours to freeze the microalgae at a rate of 10.8 gallons per minute and is frozen at 10 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Samples are retained throughout the process for in-house R&D testing along with third-party testing.

The product is stored in the freezer as it awaits the drying process. The microalgae is dried via a low-temperature spray-drying process called Bioactive Dehydration™ that preserves phytonutrients. Testing indicates that the quality of this drying system is superior to freeze-drying, especially for heat-sensitive components such as vitamins, chlorophyll and enzymes. Because the algae is dried at temperatures below 40C, it qualifies as a “raw food,” an important distinction to many health-conscious consumers. The drying process also meets the guidelines for both organic and kosher certifications.

Our harvesting, processing, production, quality control, storage, and record-keeping operations are carried out according to current Good Manufacturing Practices established by the Food and Drug Administration. The Oregon Department of Agriculture audits our facilities for GMP compliance two to four times a year.

Our Wild Microalgae has been certified organic since 2001 and our harvesting, processing, handling, and packaging of Wild Microalgae are certified by Pro-Cert Organics, Canada Incorporated according to the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program and OC/PRO Canadian Organic Standards. Pro-Cert Organics, Canada audits our facilities, processes, and records annually. Kosher certification is performed by Star-K Kosher Certification and Halal certification is performed by IFANCA.

As you can see, harvesting Wild Microalgae is quite a detailed process, which includes extensive testing (via both in-house and third-party testing) at multiple points of processing, as well as certification from several reputable certifying agencies. All this to ensure that you are receiving a safe, high-quality, nutritional product!



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